continued work on "sound of a flute over water II" / by Philip Tarlow

3:32 PM: I was able to get an earlier start today & continued work on sound of a flute over water II. while it has the spirit of sound of a flute over water I, it definitely has an identity of its own. for starters, it has a pinkish overall hue, whereas the earlier version slants towards yellow tones. and the rock formations at the bottom are different, but no less spontaneous & engaging. BELOW left & right: I & II.

i’ll determine tomorrow whether further work is needed. in the mean time, while casting glances at minoo as I worked today, I saw a few things I would simplify, possibly tomorrow. I always love working on more than one painting at a time, which allows me to more easily let go of any attachments i’ve formed to passages that may not serve the whole composition.