greater simplification of gashu / by Philip Tarlow

5:04 PM: today i made deep changes to gashu. as has been happening with greater & greater regularity, it felt way too busy when i gazed at it in comparison with the others.

i went over it with a warm reddish tan color & worked into it, leaving just one shape in the center revealing the white linen beneath.

ghost images underneath the upper portions give a sense of mountains without spelling them out.

i also did some valuable research on taiga & his times, which made me want to make a small book which tells the story of how i arrived at this point of less-is-moreness & how that relates to the history of art including but not limited to taiga & his buddies.

i’ve already begun gathering material, & will try to do a bit each morning over matcha tea & toast.

BELOW: gashu before & after todays work.