back to work on "sound of a flute over water II" / by Philip Tarlow

at work this morning on sound of a flute II

sound of a flute over water II at the end of my painting day today

4:01 PM: today, after messing around for a few hours & working up to being able to squeeze some colors & get back to work, I continued the commission i’m working on. it’s a variation on sound of a flute over water, which you can see if you go to the sound of a flute dropdown menu.

I can’t yet say i’m fully into my groove. close.

bold, unexpected moves happen when i’m in that space, which it’s easy to take for granted. it’s also new & unusual for me to be making a painting that’s a variation on one i’ve already completed. you could see that as a constraint. i’m experiencing it as a kind of refreshing challenge.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, and we walked up the trail this morning. as a result I was late arriving at the studio. i’m expecting to get a much earlier start tomorrow, and that makes a big difference.