k. complete's his latest landscape / by Philip Tarlow

4:22 PM: today is my first day back in the studio following our week long trip to edwards to work with 3 schools there & introduce them to actionlab360.

we were both exhausted last night following a very long day. mikela attended a conference and I completed packing up our study, including lots of costco food shopping & loaded it into the car. on the trip back we witnessed some especially beautiful skies as we entered the san luis valley & headed home.

k., the student i’ve been mentoring for over a year, arrived at 2 to complete work on his latest landscape. each one is getting progressively better, and this is, I believe, his best to dat. bear in mind, he had never worked in oil previous to his mentorship with me.

I think you will agree, this is exceptional work. he’ll be here again next weekend, & we’ll see what’s next.

in the mean time, I hope to be able to resume work on my sound of a flute series tomorrow. the studio still needs lots of work, but I think it’s organized enough for me to resume painting, if I can get my groove. a new water heater arrived yesterday & will be installed sometime in the next few week, in Tim for the colder weather.