2 more of the paintings we discovered post-flood / by Philip Tarlow

here are 2 more paintings discovered & filed during post-flood cleanup. one the left, pithara, in gouache on paper, 23 1/4 x 7 1/4” painted in august, 2007 during a trip to andros. pithara is a waterfall located in the mountains, on the island of andros, a 10 minute walk from the village of apoikia. on the right, a 12x8 1/2” collage which is undated & unsigned. it was likely made in 2014, when i was doing lots of work in collage. another clue about the date it was made are the bits of maps included in the composition. i used maps extensively in the collages of that period. however most of them were abstract. unless we disscover more faces, i think this may be the only one.