a taiga study in gouache on paper / by Philip Tarlow

BELOW: on the left is an earlier iteration of the sound of a flute series, and on the right is the most recent one, illustrating the evolution of the work in the direction of simplicity & spareness.

3:15 PM: it’s best to stay off my feet, so instead of returning to the 78x26” taiga inspired oils, i sat at my work table and made a small gouache study of a taiga scroll. it was interesting to shift to a much smaller scale, and to gouache on paper. it was a good day and, that being said, i can’t wait to get back to the larger oils. i feel like i’m in the groove with that series; that my learning increases dramatically with each successive painting. i may take some of the recent completed ones back to the house, and switch them out with the earlier ones, which may be subject to tweaks in the direction of simplification. see the two examples ABOVE.