more work on "emerald ripples" / by Philip Tarlow

1:11 PM: i’m supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible today following squamous surgery yesterday on my calf. the main reason is to allow healing to take place without stressing it out, and so that the stitches remain intact. i think i can go back tomorrow, taking frequent breaks & avoiding anything that might put too much pressure on my calf.

Before heading to Salida for the surgery on tuesday afternoon, i was able to do some work on emerald ripples. it seemed too spare. so, as you can see i added some rock shapes below & areas of pale pink/ochre & grey, which give more movement & coherence, giving new meaning to the delicate mountain marks on the upper third of this painting.

right now,i have such energy for making these paintings, i feel like i’d like to have a few dozen of these 78x26” canvases stretched & ready to paint. it’s certainly a possibility, but would requie lots of time & money. the artfix portrait linen, which comes in 84”x 5 or 10 yard rolls, is very costly, and stretching each one is time consuming. this long, narrow shaped canvas usually requires some re-stretching to deal with the inevitable wrinkles in the fine linen simply due to the shape, as opposed to a more square shape, where it’s easier to equalize the pressure as you pull the linen tight with the wide stretching pliars & fasten it with the staple gun.

back to work tomorrow? lets see. my ankle is still pretty swollen post-op, so as instructed, i’m lying down & keeping it above the level of my heart.