starting "emerald ripples" / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of emerald ripples at 3:30pm

emerald ripples 78x26” at 3:30pm today

3:11 PM: i needed to give sparse reflections a few days break before doing anything more, so i started a new one, titled emerald ripples. like sparse reflections, it’s painted on the white quadruple primed portrait linen, which actually has a slightly yellowish-greyish tint. as it turns out, this is a very good thing for the work i’m doing, making it possible to make marks that retain their sensitivity without jumping off the surface, which they would do if it were dead white. it’s also great timing for what’s going on with my vision. before the cataract surgery i wouldn’t have been able to discern these fine tonal variations, since i couldn’t perceive anything that was dead white!

i’ll have a short painting day tomorrow, as we have to drive to salida for minor surgery on a lesion on my calf which biopsied as squamous cell.