changes to gashu & seventh month / by Philip Tarlow

4:05 PM: today is the first time, following my fall last sunday, that i feel the enrgy to paint. i was afraid i’d never paint again. my body felt so sore & my perceptions so skewed, that i found it impossible to remember that surge of energy that happens when i’m gearing up to paint.

i brought seventh month back from the house, where it had been hanging at the top of our stairs. the more i studied it, the more i felt it wasn’t working. i went over the entire surface with titanium buff, which is a tan-ish color, and then proceeded to paint into it. all the while, mikela was working on organizing the studio, which allowed me to avoid the pitfall of letting my mind dictate the process, rather than my gut. BELOW: on the left, seventh month before todays intervention, right: after.

next,i moved on to my most recent painting in this series: gashu. it definitely has some cool passages, but doesn’t completely hang together; not surprising for a one-off painting. now this one is definitely still in process. but right off the bat, there is greater coherence. it’s late, i’m very tired…more tomorrow.