starting "sparse reflections" / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of sparse reflections at 3 pm

3:31 PM:

there’s no way of accurately predicting the arrival of a storm here in crestone/baca. so as i write this, the rain has become torrential. as often happens in tropical climates, the sun could and probably will emerge before sunset. of course we are not a tropical climate. far from it! but, especially at this time of year, the monsoon brings many surprises.

i worked on sparse reflections until about an hour ago, when the thunder started, the cloud cover thickened and there was not enough natural light to paint. natural light is always my preference.

i’m continuing to paint on the white quadruple primed linen with no toned ground beneath. the priming is not dead white on this portrait linen; rather it has a yellowish cast. and as a result the marks are not as harsh as they might be on a pure white ground.

i expect that tomorrow will bring greater unity to this somewhat fragmented composition, with some large areas on tone bringing forth the calligraphic marks & bonding them into one coherent whole. maybe.

at work this morning on  sparse reflections

at work this morning on sparse reflections

12:02 PM:

so today i was able to start painting again, after about a one week interruption. i like having two canvasses to work on, so that i can switch between the two when it feels right. i have to be fresh, and today i do feel fresh & energized. we had planned on resuming our trail walks this morning at 6 but put it off until tomorrow morning. i mention this because usually we both feel especially energized when we’re taking our trail walks every other day.

i’m starting this one, as you can see on a completely white ground. i may be adding a toned ground later in the day. visit this site throughout the day for updates.