sore / by Philip Tarlow

4:37 pm: i didn’t paint today. too sore. that’s a very steep ravine, & when i stumbled on some loose rocks & began tumbling down, i knew i had to just relax into it. that probably saved me from much worse injuries. but i’m sore. too sore to even think of painting. maybe tomorrow?

kind of a wake up call, really. i’ve often contemplated what would likely happen if i tripped & fell into the ravine, the same ravine, just a few hundred feet down the trail. a sheer thousand foot drop down to the creek, broken only by large boulders. certain death. would i still be relaxing into it, as long as i was conscious? i’d like to think, yes.

the soreness doesn’t kick in till the next day, so i actually painted gashu, seen here on the right, just a few hours after my fall.

so today i did some paper work. all the while i cast glances at gashu. is it too strong? does the bottom quarter need work. like the top. probably won’t touch that. yeah, if i can paint tomorrow, i might go there.

all out of 78x26 stretcher bars, so i’m gonna have to wait a week before i start another one. and just how long is this sound of a flute kick gonna last, anyway? can’t go on forever. right now, i still got the jiuce.