starting gashu / tumbling down a ravine this morning / by Philip Tarlow

gashu, 78x26” at the end of my painting day

at work today on the new gashu, 78x26”.

3:31 PM: well, it was probably inevitable that, on one of our morning trail walks, i would take a spill. as we were descending, my boot caught on a loose rock & i went over the edge. fortunatly, it wasn’t one of those spots where it’s a sheer 1,000 ft. drop, with large pointy boulders en route, or i would be dead. so i tumbled maybe 20 feet down the steep, rocky ravine before wedging between two large rocks. i banged myself up & got a few cuts, one of them under the bandage you see on my lower left leg. although shaken, i was able to start this new painting, titled gashu.

it has bolder marks & colors than the last one, and a spot of red on the rider’s shirt. as usual, i’ll see how i feel about it in the morning. right now, i’m feeling proud of myself for getting some work done, but increasingly sore from my fall.

DETAIL of gashu, day one.

so, once i complete this post, i’ll join mikela, who is also zonkered, rest & have dinner & beer. the new santa fe beers are better than expected.

on the way home after our trail walk, we saw a guy at the kiosk with a little covered stand & a sign that said bagels. we stopped to find out if they are locally made and, by god, they are! bread too! i had half a toasted bagel for breakfast & it was really quite good. we’ll let our crestone friends know, & will ourselves become loyal customers. he’ll be there every friday, saturday & sunday 7-10am.