is itsu resolved? / a bit more work on minoo / by Philip Tarlow

11:25 am: my first take on a painting i worked on yesterday is always critical. especially with my new lenses. so my first hit when i walked in the door was it’s resolved! i invited mikela to walk over, and she got the same hit. the only area she felt might need a tweak are the 3 sketchy figures on the lower right. she felt the needed just a bit more definition.

she may have a point, so once i’m done with this first stage of todays post, i may go back into it & see where it takes me. this painting has such a delicate balance, i don’t want to overdo it.

12:27 pm: so i did go back in & make the changes to those 3 faces in the lower right grouping. and they absolutely did make a difference. if you scroll down & click on ther larger image, that difference is easier to observe.

2:52 PM: once i completed the tweaks to itsu, i did some more work on minoo, adding some subtle blues on the upper portion, as well as some titanium buff throughout, which had the effect of softening some of the transitions, thus establishing more harmony. a bit more blue in the upper portion suggests sky, without shouting: SKY! i keep wanting to add a few figures, but i’m not there yet.