revising "minoo" / starting "itsu" / by Philip Tarlow

3:40 PM: this morning we walked up the trail, as we do every other day.

at work this morning on the new itsu

i arrived rather late in my studio, and started my painting day with a modest revision of minoo. the siena in the upper central portion was bothering me; perhaps yet another observation of somewhat bothersome colors, following my cataract surgery.

as well, i made some bolder, stronger rock marks at the bottom and added a bit of blue, which i believe has made a big difference. we’ll see how i feel about it tomorrow morning, but right now it seems like a much stronger painting.

DETAIL of itsu at the end of my painting day

i then launched into the new itsu, a japanese word i learned while reading about taiga. it means untrammeled; a concept central to taiga & his coterie. i’m staying away from applying a tinted tan-ish ground & working instead on the white quadruple primed linen. a magnificent surface.

a dear friend in nyc reminded me that, in sparse reflections, for example, a spare composition is more effective. so i’m paying attention to that feedback in itsu.

BELOW: left to right: minoo before todays revisions, after the revisions, and itsu as it looked at the end of the day today