preparing for vent seals tomorrow / by Philip Tarlow

6:28 PM : a friend is scheduled to arrive in the studio today at 10:30 am. he’s going to seal the 12 vents in the south studio wall. they were created originally as part of a trombe wall , a passive solar building design on the winter sun side of a building which is supposed to capture the suns heat & transfer it, via the vents, to the interior of the building. well, in the early ‘90’s when the studio was built, the builders had the best of intentions, but didn’t get it right. instead of bring the heat of the sun into my studio. in reality, they made a big mistake and the wall does the exact opposite; drawing out warm air and bringing in the freezing cold we get in the winter months. as a result, our propane bill for the studio skyrockets every winter.

so this morning i began the process of clearing that south wall of all kinds of stuff: stretcher bars, books, magazines, brushes, etc. so that all 6 of the lower vents are accessable. a lot of work. mid afternoon, after she was done with her actionlab360 work at the house, mikela joined me & helped move stuff. once the vents are sealed i’m going to have to do a lot of reorganization & discard a lot of no-longer-needed materials. it’s an interruption to my work flow, but….must be done!