day 3: "sound of a flute over the river" / by Philip Tarlow

7:51 PM: today was a very very short day. we walked up the trail at 6:30 am, then, once we were back & i made coffee, i had just over an hour to do some work on sound of a flute over the river before we had to leave for a doctors appointment in salida, a one hour drive over poncha pass. the very first thing i did was to remove the rock at the bottom of the composition, which simply didn’t belong there. don’t ask me what i did after that. i couldn’t tell you. i know tha, while having my morning matcha tea, i read some very timely and inspiring passages from one of my 2 books on taiga. i’ll share those with you tomorrow. right now, i can’t wait to get to sleep. i had something removed form my calf for biopsy and, even though it was small, it does take something out of you. long day.

BELOW: the painting as it looked yesterday and, on the right, today.