day 2: "sound of a flute over the river"/remembering a vermeer inspired painting from 2016 / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of grey 8, which was one of a vermeer inspired series. this one was painted in january, 2016 and then painted oevr.

2:57 PM: i think we’re unused to this humidity, and it has us both feeling sluggish & tired. i probably shouln’t have done any work at all on this painting today, but i did. so here’s the current state. we’ll both take a break tomorrow so i cqan go to a doctors appointment in salida, where we’ll treat ourselves to a really good pizza & beer at moonlight pizza. if you ask them to make the crust really crispy, it’s the best you can get in this area.

tomorrow morning before we leave, i’ll take out that rock at the bottom, which doesn’t belong in this painting at all.