sound of a flute over the river 78 x 26” / stage 2 of our joint painting: showa, 22x48" / by Philip Tarlow

3:28 PM: today, after stretching 2 new kyoto series canvases, i began work on the fourth in the series: sound of a flute over the river.

my level of engagement & excitement over this series is still very high and climbing. i don’t think i’ve ever worked on a series that is so me. it integrates all the elements that have shown up, at one time or another, in my work. the japanese aesthetic, even more so than the chinese, fits like a glove.


DETAIL of k’s rendering of a bird on a snow covered branch

12:19 PM: yesterday i continued work, with 13 year old k., who i’ve been mentoring, on our joint painting, shôwa, which is 22 x 44” in acrylic & oil on linen. we made good progress, and may be able to complete the painting on his next visit to my studio next weekend. it’s inspired by a 1920’s japanese coat. i find the bird he painted yesterday exquisite.