more work on dp creek III leads to a re-work of dp creek II / by Philip Tarlow

dp creek III, 42 x 66”, following todays tweaks

dp creek II, 42x66” following todays re-work

2 PM: i started my day not knowing. which is a good thing. feeling like “oh, i know what i need to do now with this painting” is a recipe for uninspired painting. don’t mess with a good thing and don’t do too much or something unnecessary were running through my thinking, plotting brain.

so the first place i went was an area that seemed too white, on the bottom third of the painting. once i worked on that area, using the side of a small rectangular oil stick, i felt the painting was improving & was emboldened to do more.. as i worked, i cast glances at dp creek II & at some point i got it that i needed to simplify a lot. interestingly, the work k. & i did together yesterday had a positive effect on what i did today.

BELOW: before (left) & after images of dp creek III (top) & dp creek II