stage 4 of dp creek III/ JOINT PAINTING WITH K. / by Philip Tarlow

5:31: at 3:30 k. showed up & we started work on the canvas we stretched last time he was at the studio, 22x48”, inspired by a 1920’2 japanese kimono. we once again worked together, creating a dark blue ground with white stars using acrylic paints, which dried within minutes. there will be 4-5 birds , one of which, at his request, i started using oil paints. on his next viisit, we’ll continue work.

DETAIL of dp creek III

1:44 PM: today, tired from our 6:30 am creek walk, i went straight to work on dp creek III & didn’t make any gouache studies, as i had on the previous 2 days. i knew i only had a couploe of good hours in me, and then i’d likely need to go back to the house & lie down for an hour before my mentee k. arrives at 3:30.

so i continued work, careful not to overdo it, taking it slow. the area of shade on the upper right was the most dramatic change that happened, allowing the rocks & water in the foreground to consolidate & take their place in the composition, giving a sense of foreground & background without slipping into description. it’s a delicate balance, perhaps less raucous than the previous version but with just as much movement.

BELOW: 3 stages of dp creek III, with todays version on the right