studies of qing dynasty painting continued / by Philip Tarlow

3:37 PM: today i continued my gouache studies of qing dynasty painting in the temple of the white clouds, beijing.this second gouache of two thus far is a riff on the panel in that temple. i’m studying how the chinese viewed & portrayed space and how that relates to taiga’s 18th century landscape paintings.


so far, my observation is that the chinese invented what we know and love as 18th c. japanese landscape painting! i need to delve deeper & explore their philosophical & spiritual beliefs, but at first glance, i see over and over the seeds of taiga & his buddies. this is no great revelation; it’s well known that the18th c. japanese masters of the brush greatly admired the 12th & 13th c. chinese painters, and drew heavily from them. their discoveries & solutions for painting the landscape became what most of us know as japanese art.