adjustments to "Landscape with Pink Trees" / by Philip Tarlow

3:03 PM: the upper quadrant of this painting was bothering me; it seemed disconnected from the rest of the composition. on the other hand, this was such a spark of in-the-moment inspiration, especially because it was the first time in this series i was painting on the white ground, with none of that tan color that is present in all the other paintings in the series, that i was very hesitant to touch it.

the images above are adjusted diffently, so it may seem that the pink in todays version on the right is redder. it’s not. the only area i messed with is the upper quadrant, which kept drawing my eye whenever i looked at the painting.

as you will see, if you look at the whole composition, above, or the comparative views of the area i worked on today, it no longer draws your eye, mostly because i toned down the greens somewhat, & introduced the pink color found in the lower 2/3 of the composition. as i look at the painting now, from a distance of about 20 feet, it no longer seems, at least to me, that there are two distinct compositional elements, and reads as one unified painting. i’ll be able to confirm this better on wednesday, when we’re back from my cataract surgery. as well, i’m very curious, once healing has progressed, maybe next weekend, to observe the predicted shift in how my eyes register the colors. right now, if i close my right i & look only with my left eye, which has the clouded lens typical of cataracts, everything seems 15-20% redder.