day 2: "there are the mountains!" / by Philip Tarlow

4:4 PM: today i had a little visitor with his dad. lets call him a. he’s 7 1/2; half the age of k., who i’m mentoring once a week. i gave him the same suggestion i had given to k. yesterday. so he scanned one of my taiga books and settled on a painting he liked. then he proceeded to make his drawing and began applying gouache colors, which he’d never used before. just look what he did!

before he arrived, i had a chance to do some more work on the painting i started yesterday: there are the mountains!

DETAIL of there are the mountains!

i applied a tan-ish ground, which is featured in 5 of the 6 previous paintings in this series. some creek rocks have entered the picture, on the lower third. it’s ripe for more work tomorrow.

the work i did yesterday peeks through the tan ground , which has been scraped. it’s up in the air where it will want to go from here. tomorrow is our dayto walk up the trail, so i’ll get to work a bit later than usual.