more work on studies for "dp creek III" / by Philip Tarlow

dp creek III, 42 x 66” as it looked at the end of my painting day today.

DETAIL of dp creek III at the end of my painting day

4:02 PM: after doing what amounted to warm-ups for a few hours, i returned to work on the dp creek III canvas. i think the warm up studies in gouache on paper are definitely helping when it comes to the larger version. dp, who has commissioned this painting for his bedroom, will make the final choice between dp creek II & dp creek III. i’m taking it slow & easy on this second version. i’m taking it slow & easy, wanting to preserve the freshness & abstraction, while introducing more & more realist elements into the mix, mostly in the form of patterns. at this point, i don’t have a favorite. BELOW: dp creek II (left) & the as yet incomplete dp creek III side by side.

1:31 PM:today i’m continuing to work on scaled down studies in gouache, colored pencil & crayon for dp creek III, which will be 42x66” on portrait linen. i started the larger painting yesterday, but felt the need today to work out my ideas in these smaller pieces on paper. i may do more work on the canvas soon.