starting seventh month / by Philip Tarlow

today i started work on the third painitng in this series, titled seventh month. here’s how it looked at the end of my painting day, and i’ll say more when we get back from our trail walk.

SITE-6-9-19  PT paints seventh month_.jpg

6:49 PM: so we’re back. i think this may be the best of the 3. i’m finding my groove, beginnig to seamlessly integrate creek-scapes with taiga’s japanese landscapes; my technique with his. the trees in this one, for example, are mostly inspired by aspens i photographed yesterday on the trail.

the overall tan-ish color ties the 3 painitngs together, and the beautiful pinkish color is made by the superb williamsburg oils company.

you can see all three paintings, side by side, BELOW. I may need to wait till be rturn from our upcomong week long trip to begin the 4th in the series, although i’ll be able to stretch the canvas before we leave, so that it will be ready & waiting when we return.