starting sixth month, 78 x 26" on the newly stretched canvas / by Philip Tarlow

3:05 PM: today, after futzing around, mainly because i was avoiding making the first marks on this newly stretched canvas, i dove in, at first using colored pencils, then crayons and then some very diluted oils. as usual, my fear of screwing up the boyant aliveness of those first shapes & colors was there, on and off, throughout.

i like what happened, but i have absolutely no idea how i’m going to continue tomorrow. i mean, there’s such a delicate balance here….

i was browsing my icloud photos & found this one of me in Provincetown, shot in about 1960.

it’s the first time i’m using this “all purpose” linen form artfix, as opposed to their way more expensive portrait linen. so i was able to get 10 yards of 85” wide primed linen, which may be enough for the entire series, since i’m using the full width each time, but only 32” (26+the extra 6” for stretching) of the 10 yards. that means, if i do nothing but 78x26” paintings, i can get 14 paintings out of this roll.

k. was here today & started a new sky painting. he chose one of my many sky photos & found one he liked, so i printed it out & he’s working from that.

so lets see hwere i go with this one tomorrow. i feel like maybe i should stretch another one, so i don’t have to have all my eggs in one basket & can go back & forth between the two. but i’m excited at how this one began.