revisiting funky rocks, starting lichen 1 / by Philip Tarlow

3:30 PM: funky rocks was on our wall in the house since i last worked on it, march 21. something shifted after the opening of the exhibition last thursday, and yesterday i brought it back over to the studio for more work. what i did is along the same lines as what happened yesterday with quantum rocks. which is that ir livened up, with more arears of contrast and a center of focus, which was not there previously. the compositions of the two paintings were more diffuse. so BELOW are the before (left) and after images.

DETAIL of lichen, 20x20” at the end of my painting day

lichen 1 is an experiment on a 20x20” canvas i had stretched a while back. it’s inspired by photos i shot on our last trail walk, when i was struck by the beauty of the lichen growing on most of the rocks lining the trail. i doubt if it will remain as is, and tomorrow will almost certainly bring changes, mostly in the direction of simplification and an overall lightening. but i can see the possibility for a series of small works along these lines. there is a delicacy to the actual lichen on the rocks which is, as yet missing form this rather heavy handed first stab. i’m inspired enough by the magic of the subject to persist, however.