all-important tweaks to dp creek II / by Philip Tarlow

dp creek II at the end of my painting day today, following some all-important tweaks

3:16 PM: today was the day for final (?) tweaks to dp creek II. if you compare yesterdays version, on the left, with todays, it should be clear how & why the painting sang after todays changes. especially important was the addition of the blue bit of creek water on the mid-right. if you let your eye go from one to the other, you should finmd that, with todays version, your eye more easily takes in the entire composition, the whole picture space as a coherent whole. a good example of this is the area of blue on the very bottom. in yesterdays version, it draws your eye in such a way that it dominates the space. on the right, you see that area of water broken up by white wavy shapes and splashes of water that push that entire area back in the picture plane in a way that it no longer demands your attention to the exclusion of other passages.