"dp creek ii," day 3 / by Philip Tarlow

SITE-6-27-19 PT paints DP Creek II-CROP.jpg

6:34 PM: i had a very wonderful meeting this morning, and my mentee k. came over at 3:30. so there wasn’t a lot of time to paint. but paint i did, and made some important additions to dp creek II. i found a way to get passed feeling constrained by the need to model this commision on motion 28, which was completed a year ago. in part, this can be attributed to the fact that an 11 yard roll of 85” wide artfix portrait linen was delivered this afternoon. that will allow me to stretch a second 42x66 canvas and make another version using portrait linen, which has practically no tooth & takes colored pencil & crayon almost like smooth watercolor paper. tomorrow may be the make or break day for this first version i’m working on. in the mean time, i’m getting a bit antsy & feeling the urge to get back to my kyoto series. could be worse, right? these are all terrifically juicy, exciting options. it’s not like, “of fuck, i’ve got to do another motion painting before i can return to kyoto.” this feeling of swimming in a sea of possibilities; ways of expanding my vocabulary, it’s such a gift. i’m always aware of that.

BELOW: left: yesterday, right: todays version