starting "dp creeek II" / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of dp creek II

4:10 PM: yesterday i stretched the canvas for dp creek II; a commissioned 42x66” painting in oil, colored pencil & oil stick on quadruple primed french portrait linen. as i wrote in an earlier post, it’s based upon motion 28, which my friend saw in the exhibition at space gallery. it’s an interesting challenge, in part because it involves returning to an older, by a few months, way of working. i don’t have motion 28; it’s in the gallery, but we went by last week & i studied it. my mentee k. is here today, & when he saw todays version he loved it and, as mikela might say, he was tempted suggest i leave it as is.

but i’ll definitely be doing more work on it tomorrow, so check back in & find out what happens!