more work on quantum rocks today / by Philip Tarlow

4:09 PM: lightening up: fortunately for this painting, thunderstorms continued this afternoon long enough to eliminate the possiblity for walking up the trail and my mentee, k., cancelled his studio visit. this cleared my afternoon for more work on quantum rocks. the two rocks i worked on this morning were too intense & needed lots of lightening, accomplished with judicious scraping, followed by carefully but spontaneously painting into the scraped areas. as a result, the painting as you see it below, has far more sensitivity & allure. yes, i use the word allure because when i look at the revised version now, from a distance of about 25 feet, it attracts me like a lover: it exudes sensuality. it SINGS!

DETAIL of quantum rocks after todays work

2:41 PM: today i re-engaged with quantum rocks. yesterday I gave one of the rocks more specificity, harkening back to the oil paintings i made in about 2001. i thought it might be interesting to mix my current abstracted approach with a more realist one, and see what happens. yesterdays fist attempt was a bit underdeveloped, i thought. so here’s what i did today, refining the rock i painted yesterday and adding one more, while at the same time focusing on how & why williamsburg oils seem superior to me. we met someone representing that company at my opening on thursday.

yesterdays version on BELOW left.