reflecting on recent work / by Philip Tarlow

1:49 PM, edwards, co. sitting in our friend kat’s living room watching the passing thunderstorms, i am reflecting on my recent work as we prepare to return home wednesday night, after a week of travel.

motion 28 7/11/18

the 6 painitngs BELOW were all executed between late march and the end of june of this year. the one on the right, motion 28, was completed about a year ago. the 42x66” commission i’m about to begin will be based on motion 28, which is part of my exhibition current exhibition at space gallery in denver. so i need to somehow put myself back into that space. an interesting challenge.

drawing plays a bigger part in the work from that period. the trees, rocks & branches have not yet been so simplified and abstracted that they are mere suggestions, leaving more space for the viewer to make up a story, and literally leaving more space.