dp creek II, 42x66" / by Philip Tarlow

10am, basalt:

looks like i’ll be doing a commissioned site specific painting for a dear friend, which will hang in his bedroom and be 42x66” along the lines of this painting he saw & admired in my current show at space gallery in denver.

on the RIGHT: the painting as it looked hanging in the show.

BELOW is a suite of 4 drawings made 2 days ago at one of my favorite pleces to make drawings: h&h restaurant in edwards. i can usually get the perfect distance form my subjects without them noticing that i’m drawing them, which preserves the authenticity of the moment.

the oyung girl on the upper left is the daughter of one of the 2 people we were meeting with, and was keeping herself bufy on her phone. the guy on the upper right is one of the two people we were meeting with. the two drawings on the bottom are anonymous people having coffee in the restaurant, which is a very open, bright space with natural lighting form large floor to ceiling windows.

the other favorite place is a coffee shop in carbondale, where we’ll be tomorrow.