morework on "dp creek" / by Philip Tarlow

dp creek , 32 x 40” mixed media on linen

dp creek, 32 x 40” mixed media on linen

5:51 PM: so earlier in my post, i said i wouldn’t be able to bring this new painting with us to the home of the friend who wants to see what it might look like in his home. but i figured out a way, by having lying face up in the rear of our suv, so that the still wet oil paint & oil stick wouldn’t touch anything.

it’s been nice to take a break from my japanese series. it allowed me to it allowed me to re-visit the post-motion series and see how the lessons learned translating taiga into a 21st c. idiom spill over into the post-motion work, which is inspired by years of plein air painting at our local creek.

so how would you describe the difference between the two? i’d say todays iteration is less descriptive, more evocative, more whimsacle. more focused on the drawing.

1:03 PM: it’s crunch time, as we’re leaving tomorrow, so i tried to get some more work in on the new dp creek before diving in to the paperwork i have to take care of by the end of the day today.

so the work i did on dp creek is an improvement from yesterdays version, where the composition was kind of split into 2 competing parts. BELOW left=yesterdays version, right: todays. it still needs work, however, but i don’t dare touch it till we’re back. we’ll be visiting with the person for whom it’s intended, but i can’t bring it with us because it’s still too fresh.