starting "dp creek"; a site specific painting for a friend's home / by Philip Tarlow

4:10 PM: this morning i was on the phone with my dental surgeon’s office figuring out what to do about an inflamed & mildly infected dental implant site. of course antibiotics were prescribed. i don’t like taking them, but i don’t have a choice right now.

dp creek, 32x40” mixed media on linen

so when i finally got to the studio, it was later than usual. a friend admired one of the paintings in my current show & was considering it for his home. i discovered that the ideal dimensions were more of a horizontal painting, instead of the square one in the show. so i decided to make one with those horizontal dimensions, & if he likes it, great. otherwise we’ll find a different solution.

i love making site specific paintings, so i dove in with great relish, and here’s where dp creek is at right now, as the skies darken & thunderstorms approach, true to out annual monsoonal flow.