using my 2 hour window wisely / by Philip Tarlow

desert at todays zen center luncheon

3:18 PM: just back from the annual luncheon at the zen center. the food was even more spectacular than in previous years; a true gourmet meal, reflecting everything the zen center & the zen tradition are about. we got to reconnect with old friends we haven’t seen since the last event in 2018.

we had to leave at 12:20 & needed to be back at the house at around noon to change. i also had scheduled a viber with our grandaughter in athens, which didn’t leave me much time to get somework done. i turned my attention to easter creek, which, after the work i did yesterday, was top heavy.but of course i couldn’t limit my changes to that upper portion of the composition and ended up changing everything. the upper right corner may have to change tomorrow.

BELOW you see yesterdays version on the left, and easter creek as it looked after todays intervention, on the right.