meiji becomes minoo / by Philip Tarlow

minoo, 78x26” oil & oil stick on linen

2:43 PM: the title of this painting has changed, from meiji to minoo, a waterfall in japan.

it is now a vertical 78x26” composition, inspired by one of taiga’s scrolls. the white bit in the middle-left portion of the painting is the waterfall. as yet, it’s a sketchy approximation of what it may become. i’m going to try to get an early start tomorrow so that i can get as much done as possible on this one, for which i have a tremendous appetite, since we’ll be away thursday-friday.

the area i think i’ll work on tomorrow morning is the lower 1/3; it’s a bit congested, especially over on the left, don’t you think? aside from that, i like what happened today. the underpainting provides the perfect foil for the landscape-esque marks i made today.

and i like these 78x26” dimensions, which mirror those of taigas’s larger scrolls. i’m ordering more stretcher bars with these dimensions, and just today i received a 10 meter by 84 inch roll of artfix primed linen; enough for me to create an entire new series, which i’m envisioning showing in japan.