setting the stage for the meiji of tomorrow / by Philip Tarlow

meiji, 26x78” as it looked about an hour ago.

detail of meiji, revealing some japanese letters made yesterday

2:30 PM: today i went over what i’ve been doing for the past few days with a coat of oil paint i especially mixed for the purpose. it’s a kind of warm yellow/tannish color made up of 4 or 5 different colors. then i proceeded to scrape into it, until i reached the right balance of revealed underlying shapes and an overall unifying tone.

tomorrow, depending on how much the surface has dried, i may begin working into it. i have something in mind, but it’s not something specific. not yet. i’ll know better in the morning. last night my sleep was abruptly and frighteningly interrupted when my iphone, which was playing white noise, rang at full volume. it was one of those annoying robo calls, but i shouldn’t have heard it since i had do not disturb turned on. so i just got that resolved with a very helpful apple support person, but i’m pretty wiped. when i bolted up in bed, i thought i was having a heart attack!