feygele reconfigured / purple rock II: yet another transformation / by Philip Tarlow

purple rock II as it looked at the end of my painting day this afternoon.

detail of purple rock II

3:22 PM: since august 26, 2018, purple rock II has undergone a total of 23 transformations. today may be the boldest. it has definitely been influenced by the previous two paintings, one of which, feygele, can be seen below, in this mornings post. the juxtposition of siena, tan & white, so that these 3 colors sometimes form shapes separate from and enhanced by the drawing marks, and in other instances are defining that very drawing as a rock, was begun following the breakthrough moment in the creation of pink creek on may 17th. scroll down to my blog post of 5/17 to view that painting.

12:44 PM: this morning i reconfigured the 4 16x20” canvasses that make up this new painting titled feygele. they are now placed end to end, making a 16x80” painting. my feeling is that it’s more appealing compositionally, and that the shapes have become more evocative, reminding me somewhat of what matisse did in his dance series. i’ll have to sit with it for a while, but the more i look at it, the more i’m attracted to it. on the RIGHT is ho wit looked yesterday. do you agree it’s far more interesting as a long, narrow?