revisions to easter creek & windy creek / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of windy creek at about 2:15 this afternoon

2:01 PM: following yesterday mornings brief, very productive burst of energy working on motion 25, i was inspired to revisit windy creek & easter creek, both 48x20.” i last worked on them on april 30th, which seems way long ago. i was pretty happy with the results, & ready to declare them resolved. as you know if you are a regular visitor to this blog, nothing is resolved until it leaves my studio, either for an exhibition or a new home somewhere. marks beget marks; discoveries beget discoveries. changes are especially likely just after photographic the piece, or just as i’m about to walk out the door to return home. the mind, as matisse has often noted, is atricky thing. ready to impose order at the drop of a hat. opinionated as a MF. a dictator at best, a destroyer of inspiration at worst. alas, where would we all be without her?

BELOW: windy creek, left & easter creek, right