pink creek adjustments/ durango comes to life / by Philip Tarlow

my studio at 3:30 pm, with the latest version of durango 2nd from the right

3:23 PM: after the adjustments i made to pink creek, i grabbed the durango painting, which had been painted over with a tan ground & was sitting in the studio begging to be painted over. i used a discovery i had made earlier in the day and applied some white oil paint with one of my favorite spatulas. then whatever it is that takes over took over, and half an hour later….or more like 20 minutes, what you see BELOW emerged like a baby from the womb, still dripping, quivering, cord intact, taking its first breath of air.

1:12 PM: today is a windy, stormy day, with temperatures dropping by the minute. tonight it will likely drop below freezing, which is not unheard of for mid to late may at our altitude.

while i liked how the changes i made yesterday to pink creek just popped out in moments, i did feel the need to refine them somewhat today. too many of those parallel scrape lines created with a few of the hardware store tools i have start, as mikela, remarked, to look too gimmicky. so i made some changes, particulalrly to the upper right portion of the composition.

i may continue to work on it….stay tuned….

BELOW: yesterdays version of the left, todays on the right