yesterdays mistakes, todays lessons / by Philip Tarlow

2:18 PM: yesterday i worked most of the day on revising purple rock II. that was not a good idea. the painting had reached an interesting state of resolutiopn, which included marks inspired by japanese poetry & the work of the 18th century master, taiga. what i did was way too busy, although obviously i didn’t see it that way. and yes, i do regret painting over what was a very beautiful painting. today i painted over most of it and, after three or four aborted attempts, it reached a state of resolution, san japanese poetry. BELOW are three stages of purple rock II, with todays below and yesterdays on the upper right. on the left: how it looked before i messed with it yesterday!

i also revised spring creek, which suffered from the same business as purple creek II. it’s simpler now, allowing the eye to roam freely up & down the composition. in case you were wondering about the central image in the composition, you’re right.

BELOW left, yesterdays congested version and on the right, how the painting looks at the end of my painting day.