purple rock II revisions / by Philip Tarlow


ABOVE: 3 details of purple rock II following todays revisions. notice how some of the japanese poetry remains intact

SITE-5-12-19 purple rock II.jpg

2:37 PM: i had considered this painting resolved. but the work i did yesterday revising spring creek made me look again at purple rock II. an interesting evolution is occuring from, say the relatively recent pink rocks, below left, to the previous version of purple rock II (middle) to todays version of that same painting, on the right. i would characterize this evolution as going from discreet areas of activity to an all-over activity which still, however, works as a composition. verging on cluttered, yes, but to me it feels like the picture plane is now fully engaged. it walks that thin line between chaos and energetic, full engagement. are other paintings in this series to follow suit?