chora, andros / by Philip Tarlow

6:46 PM: we’re traveling for a few days, so i won’t be posting from the studio until we’re back. these are 2 paintings done in 2005 and shown at a solo exhibition at skoufa gallery, kolonaki, athens. both are now in private collections in athens.

skoufa gallery during my 2010 solo exhibition

on the left: papayannis buys fish in the square, oil on linen. papayannis was our neighbor in the plakoures neighborhood of chora, on the sea. he was a wonderful man, a great husbandand the father of 2 chldren. once, when my back went out, eh healed me by kneeling on my spine and making some subtle moves he said he had learned from his mother in asia minor. she taught him well; my pain disappeared & i felt renewed. papayiannis was no ordinary priest. so when i spotted him in the square evaluating the freshly caught fish on that early fall day, i knew this was to become a painting.

and on the right, the view from stavropeda towards chora. the lone figure in the distance has been collecting chorta. as he strolled through the magical andros landscape, my soul swooned with the almost painful exquisite beauty of it all. remembering that moment, the painting emerged on it’s own.