re-visioning quantum rocks & icy creek II / by Philip Tarlow

6:54 PM: after a delightful walk up north crestone creek, i’m back & ready to complete todays blog post. i think the first one i did this morning, my rework of quantum rocks, was successful. the second; my rework of icy creek II is in limbo. i spent my fresh morning energy on quantum rocks. what i did on icy creek II was a repetative going-thru-the-motions exercise, with no chi. there are good bits , but it doesn’t jell, doesn’t allow the eye to roam a coherent space. as you might have guessed, it will disappear tomorrow morning. the one area that works i sthis one, on the right. but i can’t save successful passages like this. a new language must emerge; a new set of organic relationships and unplanned, unexpected series of marks.this detail could, actually become a painting. but it won’t. the challenge tomorrow morning, and indeed every morning in my studio, is to invent the world anew. nothing more, nothing less.

2:15PM: after spending time this morning reworking quantum rocks, BELOW, i painted over icy creek II and began working into it with oil sticks; currently my preferred way of working. ABOVE is how it looked moments ago, just before my mentee, k. arrived for our weekly saturday session. usually when he’s here i’m able to get good woprk done, so maybe i’ll get back to work now & give you an update later this afternoon. on the right is the previous state of icy creek II, as it looked last time i worked on it, february 11th, at which point it was a vertical.

quantum rocks 38x38”, as it looked at noon

11:58 AM: continuing my revisions of earlier motion series paintings, after living with quantum rocks since it was completed on february 11, i began to see that, while it had beautiful passages, it wasn’t holding up to weeks of constant viewing. so this morning i took it back to my studio, along with one other painted around the same time, and painted over it. above you see the painting as it looked moments ago. i may continue working on it, or begin work on one of the others i’ reworking. on the right is how this painting looked before i began work this morning.