revision of double creek II / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM: double creek II presented me with a challenge today. something wasn’t right. i tried all the tricks i had up my sleeve but it vigorously shook it’s head NO! i was preparing to leave the studio early to go keep mikela company; she’s a bit under the weather. after cleaning my materials & sealing the oil sticks off from the air, i glanced over at the paiinting on the wall. no, i said to myself, you can’’t leave it in this state. unacceptable. better to scrape out what i did, for the 3rd time, & come back fresh in the morning. my oil sticks were all covered in plastic bags to keep them from drying out. so i found a small grey oil stick & worked into the scraped out surface. an orange oil stick was still available in one of my drawers, so i grabbed it, made a few strokes, and, shazaam! this happens to me a lot. you have to give up before you can ramp up.

double creek II, consisting of 2 16x20” canvasses joined, oil & oil stick on linen