continued refinement today of spring creek & easter creek / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of  spring creek

DETAIL of spring creek

4:23 PM: i came in this morning with fresh energy. with the awareness that it only lasts 2-3 hours, i jumped right into revisions, laying down a new, lighter ground over yesterdays versions. then i decided to return to my brushes, instead of relying mainly on my oil sticks. working into the still wet, light beige ground with my fan brushes was a delight; i was missing them and the calligraphic dances they allow me. they both pop, and they are both closer than ever to resolution. the signs & symbols that have been emerging in this ongoing process take on a kind of playful air with these brighter colors and forms stripped of all excess.

as soon as they dry, i’ll take them over to the house for the true test. there, they will hang in the same room as their siblings, and we’ll see how they hold up. or, how their siblings hold up! frequently earlier paintings reveal their weaknesses when compared with newer, stronger pieces. often they end up being painted over and reborn.

BELOW: left: easter creek/right: spring creek