starting windy creek, 48x20" / by Philip Tarlow

5 recent motion series paintings on my studio’s east wall. the one i started today is second in from the right

2:53 PM: i felt when i entered the studio that the work i did yesterday may have resolved those 2 paintings: spring creek & . so i began work on the third & final long narrow or “skinny” painting, which are being proposed for the walls of a boulder office.

i didn’t get to bed till unusualy late last night, so i’m a little off today. from where i’m sitting though, these 5 paintings work well together. i’m quitting early to rest up before we drive into alamosa (1 hour) for a meeting over pizza & beer. i’ll determine better in the morning which ones demand more work & which are OK. on the RIGHT: windy creek, 48x20”, which i began working on this morning