continuing work on spring creek, and more modifications to purple rock II / by Philip Tarlow

2:08 PM: today was a good day. i say was because i have to stop early due to an afternoon meeting, which will include one of our actionlab360 team members, who is driving up from boulder as i write this. so i should hear the sound of his tires on our dirt driveway momentarily. it’s a 4 hour drive, mostly at about 10,000 feet altitude.

after starting work yesterday on the first “long skinny,” (48x12”) i realized immediately that today i would need to work on at least 2 at the same time. otherwise it gets too precious, especially because spring creek is, potentially, site specific, if the intended client likes it. sorry to be so mysterious, but i can’t really talk too much about this for a few weeks.

each successive painting inj this series takes my aesthetic a bit further. today, for example, when i got a little stuck i referred to my book on the work of 18th c. japanese landscape painter & calligrapher taiga. i took a long glance at how he handles the space in some of his tall skinny japanese landscape paintings, many of which are sections of large screens with 4, 6 sometimes more sections. that was helpful, and contributed to a solution which may very well migrate to the remaining two tall skinnies. in the mean time, purple rock II gained from this research.

BELOW: spring creek on the left and purple rock II on the right, as they looked at the end of my painting day today.