starting spring creek / what matisse said / by Philip Tarlow

2:56 PM: this morning while having my matcha tea, i cam across this quote by henri matisse. it speaks for itself, but i am finding the great master’s words especially relevant to where i’m at right now.

spring creek, 48x12” oil on canvas at 2pm today

today i stretched the third of 3 tall skinny canvasses which are candidates for a doctors office in boulder. i began work on the skinniest: 48x12”. i’m not yet used to the new non-toxic, solvent free medium i’m using, in order to avoid the dangers to my health from using the gamsol product. it’s going to take me a while to learn it’s peculiarities. nonetheless, i began working, and the painting, titled spring creek, as at the early stage you see here. i’ll likely begin work on the second canvas tomorrow, so that i can go back & forth, which keeps me from getting too attached. it lacks the subtlety of the others, but this is only the first of many layers., it’s the layering that begins producing those unplanned passages i so love, which are always suggestive, enigmatic.